Don’t be a plodder
Our workshops can help you

Stop plodding today!

Do any of these sound familiar…

Maybe you feeling tired and heavy on your feet you don’t have anything you can turn to to change the tide

Or maybe you feel like every run is tough, nothing about running feels easy

Or maybe you can’t seem to get that cadence right no matter what you try

You notice the elephant that is underneath your shoes in the pack full of runners

Imagine if…..

You are the gazelle in the pack of runners, sliding along the ground with little to no sound.

Or when fatigue sets in you are able to improve your form with the click of your fingers

Or when you go Running it felt light, easy, and enjoyable where you can see the difference between a hard and easy run

Your cadence is consistent and if it starts to slow down you have the tools to change it

You start to run faster with no more effort

It is possible! That is why I’ve decided to run this run efficiency workshop to improve your longevity in running and improve how you use your body to run. Here is what the workshop includes…..


Running Analysis

We will capture your running at the start and end of the efficiency session. We will be able to assess all aspects of your running

Runners Yoga

We are so lucky to have Kat from Created Connections taking everyone through an amazing Yoga session to start off the workshop

Efficiency Session

Through our efficiency session we will provide you with simple ways to improve your effiency straight away

Running Report

Your footage taken during the workshop will be analysed, broken down and supplied to you after the workshop

Strength Session

You get to go through and gain feedback on one of the Run Resilience strength sessions that have been designed specifically for runners


We will have some amazing merch & voucher giveaways in conjunction with our partners throughout the workshop


We all know that runners get hungry, we will have some delicious snacks to keep your energy levels high


Runners love some friendly competition so we’ve added a couple into the workshop to keep the spice alive

Runners E-book

Wondering how you are going to remember everything post the workshop? Never mind we will have our ‘Running Efficiency – The Run Resilience Way’ e – book for you to pour over to your hearts content

10th September in Southport on the Gold Coast


Check out this value!

Video Technique Analysis $299
Full Technique Analysis Report $199
Running Yoga $35
Practical Efficiency Session $202
Running Efficiently – The Run Resilience way e-book $55
TOTAL VALUE – $790 $97

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Hi I’m Alissa. I’m a wife, I’m a mum, I’m a Physio, I’m a runner and my goal is to help as many people as I can to get running and stay running!

I started as a swimmer doing surf club and pool swimming. I then delved into running in a big way competing in both cross country and track in the USA. With swimming and running under my belt the natural progression was for me to compete in triathlons back in Australia, where I became an Australian Age Group champion and represented Australia at the Triathlon World Championships.

But of course all that success didn’t come without high level training and that high level of training meant that there was a number of niggles and injuries that I had to deal with, so I became obsessed with figuring out how I could minimise these to be faster and stronger than my competitors. That led to me studying an undergraduate degree of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science followed by a post graduate degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and ultimately into my career as a Physiotherapist.

I have now been a Physiotherapist for over a decade in both the private and public sector and was fortunate to develop my knowledge, skills and experience in all facets of Physiotherapy. What I realised though, was my love of treating all things related to movement and running was strong, so I specialised in helping recreational and professional athletes especially runners and triathletes. I would work with them on any injury issues, but even more importantly helping them PREhab their bodies to avoid those injuries in the first place.

What I found was this PREhab, with strength and technique programs, was the thing that transformed their bodies and optimised their performance, so they were faster, stronger and bounced back more easily after their events. The experience of becoming a mum (which is amazing) and suffering severe birth trauma (avulsions of pelvic floor muscles – not so amazing) I got a new appreciation for building up a females body and getting it ready to run.

Most physios don’t want you to PREhab because they get more money when you stay on the hamster wheel of injury after injury, but having once been that frustrated athlete and patient, I vowed I would be different. My goal would always be to help my patients PREhab and see me as little as possible by following their strength and technique program at home.

But I had two issues…

1. I could only help a limited number of people 1:1

2. All runners deprioritise strength training because they don’t realise how significantly it can transform their running

That’s why I created Run Resilience to help runners from all walks or life, no matter what race or pace, understand the importance of strength and technique, give them a fast and easy program to follow and help support them to achieve their next goal, often goals they never thought possible.

Learn how to implement all the different factors to become a more efficient runner. We will give you the tools, critique your running style and give you a plan to be able to improve your running long term!

Still not sure?

You’ve made it this far so what are you waiting for? If there are questions that you still have please drop us a line at CLICK HERE and we’ll answer them for you.

But don’t forget that if you are not happy and don’t feel like you are having that Run Fast Run Free feeling after the first 90 days of following the program we will refund your money! So really you’ve got nothing to lose!

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