Do you want to increase your performance, improve your pace and reduce your pain?

Does this sound like you?

You have constant injuries and niggles and you don’t know when they are going to settle for good

Running always feels like hardwork and your body feels really heavy

You see everyone around you progressing but you seem to be staying in the same place and plateauing

Your week consists of this constant treadmill of Run >> Injury >> Rest >> Repeat

Your constant fear and reality is the words ‘You’ll need to take some time off training’ or ‘You are going to have to sit out of this one’.

Imagine if…….

You were leading the pack and constantly hitting new PB’s

You are always making progress, getting faster and crushing every goal that you set

Injuries become a thing of the past and are now a distant memory

Your weekly treadmill now constants of Run >> Improve >> Rest >> Repeat

Your running is feeling light and easy and you sping into every step

It is possible!

I created the Run Resilience Program for runners like you who constantly feel like you’re on the revolving running hamster wheel to increase your performance, improve your pace and reduce your pain.

Increase Your Performance

With a progressive strength program you will start to move with ease, recruit the muscles with greater efficiency and see that performance improve


Improve Your Pace

By adding strength and technique to your program your ability to use your body come race day increases and see’s you crushing those PB’s come race day

Reduce Your Pain

Implementing the Run Resilience program helps to decrease those muscle imbalances that can lead to pain and injury.

When you start the Run Resilience program you will start to feel changes In a week you’ll start to hold yourself differently, in two weeks you’ll start to feel parts of your body you had forgotten, in 6 weeks you’ll feel your running differently and in 12 weeks you’ll be running faster and more freely. In 12 weeks and beyond we will continue to make gains in your pace, your strength, your movement and continue to work on developing power and efficiency to change your pace and performance.


Does this sound like you?

Completing Ad-hoc or no Running specific Strength

  • Constantly riddled by little niggles
  • Running doesn’t always feel easy, it feels like hard work
  • Sick of feeling like your not making progress and your stuck in a rut
  • You feel like your getting left behind
  • You’re always having to find a friend for the last minute entry transfer due to a new injury that has popped up
  • You are always getting messages of support or asking where you are due to being MIA at training due to injury
  • Always feel like those goals are just out of reach and they never seem to be getting closer

Becoming a member of the Run Resilience Crew

  • Niggles are a thing of the past
  • Ready to feel excited to go for a run – because your body is ready
  • You continually moving forward, getting quicker and creating more PB’s
  • You are catching and keeping up with the progress of your running buddies
  • You can’t remember the last time you missed a race that was not by choice – your body feels like it is bullet proof
  • You are always present – the only thing that stops you from getting out of bed is the weather 😊
  • Crushing your goals is something that happens on a daily basis

Other runners are already getting the benefits of the Run Resilience Program

So what does your membership include?

Strength Based Sessions

Two progressive strength and technique session per week so that you know exactly what you need to do to be able to run faster and injury free

The ability to build your program

The ability to build your program based on your race schedule so that if you need to taper or recovery you are able to pick and choose when you would like to do that

Exclusive Group Call

Each fortnight you will have access to an exclusive members only group call that will go through all things running and provide the best advice around training, tehcnique, Q & A’s, injuries and a whole lot more

Educational Videos

Each week you will have videos about all aspects of running that helps you take your running to the next level with tips and tricks that you may never have thought about

Training Plans

If you don’t already have your own program, we also provide training plans for the major race distances (10km, half marathon and full marathon) so that you can stay on track as you prep for your races

Run Resilience Community Group

Access to the member only Run Resilience community group of like minded runners so that you can stay in touch, ask questions and immerse yourself in all things running

Exclusive Run Resilience App

We’ve made it easy with the Run Resilience App so that you can easily view your program, track your progress and stay on point with your strength and technique journey

Join the waitlist and be one of the first runners to find out when we are accepting new members in 2022!


We have worked with people who do running for the enjoyment and others that do running for the performance. We have found that we always need to start at the same place – the basics. Without those clear and concrete foundations it is really difficult to build power and efficiency.

The changes that you begin to see are great. With one of our elite runners we were able to even target her breathing to make some real changes in her energy output, but it all started with the body position and where her power was coming from.

By implementing a really targeted running strength program that looked at technique, propulsion, drive, patterning and strength (all part of the Run Resilience program by the way) we’ve seen PB runs, a decrease in her injury rates and niggles as well as a change in the way she feels and the power that she can get out of her running.

‘Thanks again for all your help and work, you helped me go from a pace of 5.45 min/km for 10km to a pace of 4.33 min/km for 25km. I was so happy with my run today. Thank you so much’

Run Resilience Athlete


Hi I’m Alissa. I’m a wife, I’m a mum, I’m a Physio, I’m a runner and my goal is to help as many people as I can to get running and stay running!

I started as a swimmer doing surf club and pool swimming, delved into some running across both cross country and track in the USA and then competed in triathlon in Australia where I was Australian Age Group champion and represented Australia at the Triathlon World Championships. In other words I have always done all things sports – which led me into my career as a Physiotherapist.

I have been a Physiotherapist for over 10 years across both private and public sector and have developed a large amount of knowledge across a number of different areas, but my love of treating all things movement related and especially running evolved.

Since then I have been involved with both recreational and high level athletes to help them with their injury battles but also assist them to prehab their bodies to be able to get them most out of them without the injuries.

My experience has been in high level sport of running and triathlon which involves a high level of training and therefore a high level of injuries and niggles. This drew me into studying my undergrad of Physio and Exercise Science and then a post grad in Musculoskeletal Physio.

What does all of this mean? I have worked with runners from all walks of life and found that they all struggled with prioritising strength or seeing the benefit of it. This is where Run Resilience was born to help educate and lift runners to that next level that many never thought was possible!

Are you wondering whether Run Resilience is right for you?

Who it isn’t for….

  • Happy with the status quo, not really wanting to challenge yourself
  • Have your regular strength training and know you’ll just go back to that as it is easy
  • Know everything about running and don’t need any help
  • Happy with how my running is progressing
  • Happy to put up with little niggles that come up time to time with just running, running and doing more running


Who it is for…..

  • A proactive runner that is always looking for ways to get the edge
  • Always struggling to know the best type of strength training is for your running but interested to find out
  • Want to know how to run better – but don’t really know where to start
  • Need something to keep you accountable to the strength training – as you know you should do it, but it always goes by the wayside
  • Keen to be part of a running community to learn about your body and how to get the most out of it


We know that what we do works! We know and trust in our process that we guarantee that if you follow our program for 90 days and don’t get that Run Fast Fun Free feeling we will give you your money back



‘Alissa has helped me FINALLY realise the importance of strength training in my running.

Since working with her I have seen a significant improvement in my form which has helped with efficiency, and I’ve also had less niggles and no running related injuries.

I believe working with Alissa was a significant part of helping me finally reach that illusive sub 3 hour marathon.

I can’t recommend Alissa and run Resilience more highly. As a runner if you’re not consistently incorporating running specific strength training in your program, you’re not setting yourself up to reach your full potential.



What if I don’t have time for strength?

We know that runners are time poor so we have made it really easy for you with just 2 x 30 minutes sessions per week (that you can work into your schedule). This is less then 1 % of your entire weekly waking hours!

I’ve tried other strength programs and they don’t seem to work

Don’t worry – we feel you there. This program has been developed exclusively for runners so it not only targets the muscles that are needed but also puts them in the positions that we need to use them in for running

Do I have to weed through emails to find my program?

No – we’ve made this simple on an App on your phone that you can pick up and start anywhere anytime

I don’t have a big gym set up - can I still do the program?

Definitely! We’ve made the program so that it is doable with minimal equipment. We have also included options if you don’t have the small amount of equipment that we do use

I have races during the year I wouldn’t want to train through - how does this work?

We know everyone’s running calendar is different so we’ve made it easy for you to build your program. The program is built in 4 week blocks that you can chop and change as your calendar needs. You can put in a Taper week or recovery weeks for a race – or maybe your body just needs a rest and the recovery section is exactly what you need!

Do I have to be tech-savvy to be able to do the program?

Not at all! We’ve made the App easy and simple to use so that you can follow the sessions easily and freely. As long as you have a device that is connected to the internet and the App store – you are away.

If I’m currently injured, is this program for me?

If you have a clearance from your current physio or GP Our exercises are designed to be scaled up or scaled down. But if you are still having treatment or under the care of another health professional follow through with that treatment and then this program will definitely be for you.

How does the 90 day money back guarantee work?

We really back our program and know that it works. So if after 90 days you are not happy with how things are progressing after sticking to the program we will refund you your money, no questions asked!

What if I want to take a holiday?

We all like to take holidays so that is not a problem. The way the program is structures you can build your own program out with the recovery sessions & Tapers to be able to work around your holidays.

Still not sure?

You’ve made it this far so what are you waiting for? If there are questions that you still have please drop us a line at CLICK HERE and we’ll answer them for you.

But don’t forget that if you are not happy and don’t feel like you are having that Run Fast Run Free feeling after the first 90 days of following the program we will refund your money! So really you’ve got nothing to lose!